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Name Home of H.B. Ailman

Associated Records

Image of 18248 - Print, Albumen

18248 - Print, Albumen

Sepia oval portrait of an older woman; her hair pulled up; she is wearing a light colored blouse with high collar with a cameo pin and a print dress.Verso: written in dark ink; "Mother of Frank Sanders/Aunt Mary married Frank Sanders. He lived in Denver and sang tenor in Episcopal choir. He was store manager of company store of Phelps Dodge in Clifton, Arizona"

Image of 18249 - Print, Albumen

18249 - Print, Albumen

Sepia oval print on gray cardboard portrait of man and women, woman is dressed in wedding grown; with high collar; her hair is done in a gibson, man is dressed in tuxedo; Verso: written in dark ink; Amelia Ott and James E. Harney when they were married Silver City New Mexico probably 1900.

Image of 18251 - Print, Albumen

18251 - Print, Albumen

Sepia portrait of James E. Harney; he is dressed in a three piece suit with light colored shirt . Verso written in dark ink: "James e. Harney/husband of Aunt Amelia Amelia Ott my mother's sister

Image of 18252 - Print, Albumen

18252 - Print, Albumen

B/W portrait of a young girl; in a white dress with a white bow in her hairl she is wearing white ankle socks and black mary jane shoes; she poses next to a wrought iron chair;Verso: writte in black ink, "Elizabeth Theodora Coplea/I believe 4 years old in this picture/Born April 13, 1904 at AS & RCO/Married Mike Mckenley Morton/ Sept 28, 1935/ 7 children born to them/ Mother Frances Ott of Silver City, New Mexico/ Father Robert Richardson Claspel Coplea born Mt. Washington Station later in Cincinnate Oho/ married by JP in Silver City, NM March 20, 1902."